TRIBAL Magazine Issue 1 in Print

TRIBAL is a coffee table book masquerading as a magazine. Physically, the paper, the weight, the photography all add up to something more than a mere ‘magazine’. Each page beckons to be read and turned, to see what is waiting on the other side. What makes this magazine even more special is the intent to showcase contemporary lives and actions of the people in Western Kentucky. This is a region that can get marginalized very quickly, lost in the shadows of major cities and vacation hotspots. TRIBAL brings focus and a visually rich presence to people living with purpose in a very special area of the USA. This is a magazine that deserves to be found in major museum book stores around the country and the world.” – Paul Lorenz, Artist + Architect in Paducah, Kentucky


Throughout our journey and process of putting together TRIBAL, our dream has always been to see it in print.


As an independent fine art magazine, we wanted to offer you, our readers, the best quality and accessibility to

purchasing a copy of your own to thumb through and get lost in the images and words of Volume 1 of TRIBAL.


This led us to discover MagCloud, an online publishing company, which gives start-up independent magazines an opportunity

to offer an on-demand print magazine to their readers in a high quality, perfect bound format.


Upon receiving a high quality proof copy, we knew that this was the next step we wanted to take on our journey to bring Volume 1 to life and are very excited to announce that Volume 1 of Tribal Magazine is officially available for purchase IN PRINT.

The magazine is 8.25″ x 10.75″, 148 pages and perfect-bound.

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Featuring words by Mary Remy + photography by Glenn Hall

“it’s the little things, the little passings, the little glimpses, the little jolts, that fuel the day, to live presently, respond impulsively but clearly, inside your own, flesh you know so well, more than any other will.”


move-mary-remy-tribal-magazine move-mary-remy-tribal-magazine

There’s a living charge, always, inside me, on idle, and rears it’s head in bursts. I capture it and just move.


Moving is a ritual, moving is an addiction.


This is the dance. Your Dance. My Dance.

Read the full article “MOVE” by Mary Remy in Volume One


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TRIBAL is an online magazine gathering authentic voices and stories. Our pages are a collection of ventures, moments and roots featuring a tribe of people who share the passion of creating authenticity in a world of right now. The inaugural volume showcases a collection of experiences in the place we call home: Western Kentucky.

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